This Is Your Brain on spinning playground equipment

This Is Your Brain on spinning playground equipment


The biggest thing I ever did was make an aluminum wheel around my kids’ playground, and they are so happy they could take their shoes off, because they love it.

I don’t know if you’ve played with, or even seen, a playground spinning wheel. It’s a very simple contraption that spins a flat, smooth, round, smooth surface (generally made of metal with a large wheel-like top).

The wheel is made of aluminum and has a round top, but the surface is smooth enough that if you spin it in one direction you will generally end up on the back of it. You can spin it in either direction, but the side that you spin it in will always be on the back and the front will always be on the front. The top of the wheel is smooth enough that you can spin it with your feet. In that way it looks like a big rubber ball.

The wheel is the most important part of the playground equipment, along with the ramp. The ramp is a flat, metal surface with a ramp built into it. The ramp itself is just large enough to have a ramp built into it, so that you can walk up and down it. The ramp is a large flat surface that has a ramp built into it.

To be on the front of the ramp, you need to be able to spin the wheel with your feet. This is called “spinning”. You also need your feet to be on the ramp, and to be able to use that ramp to get onto the front of the ramp. It’s like a giant rubber ball, but you do not spin it.

The problem with ramping is that it is quite difficult and time consuming. There are a few methods for getting on the front of the ramp, and most of them involve either a large ramp or a large wheel. The wheel is the hardest part in my opinion because you might have to get your foot in the way of someone on the ground to get onto the wheel, and then they are on the ramp.

There is a lot of discussion online about whether or not ramps are too slippery to use, and one commenter said, “I don’t think so. That’s the only obstacle that I see, though.” I think there may be some truth to this, but I don’t think it is a huge problem. It’s not like the average house would be covered in dirt, sand, or gravel in case a car rolls down the ramp, or a wheel falls off, or anything else like that.

I really have to question the idea of a ramp as being “slippery.” I guess it depends on what you mean. A ramp is a surface that is flat and smooth, and that is what you would expect it to be, especially in an indoor playground. The ramp itself is not slippery, but the surface that the ramp is on is. I have never used a surface that was entirely flat either, and I have used ramp surfaces that were uneven and covered with sand or gravel.

I have to question the idea of a wheel falling off a ramp. I’ve been using a ramp that is made from PVC pipe and it does make a lot of noise when you flip it over.

The idea of a ramp being made of PVC pipe is a bit disconcerting, especially considering the fact that the PVC is commonly used for pipe-bombing. The idea of a ramp being made from PVC pipe seems to be a bit of a hunch, and I have to wonder how many of the people who create ramps are actually aware of this.